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Automated Check-in Telephone Care

It is believed that youngsters are the future of the nation, but at the same time, a question also arises whether senior citizens are an asset or liability. Without any objection it is sure that they are an asset- as they are the source of solace, but some children consider their elder parents as a liability because many senior citizens are forced to live alone. Although there are other reasons as well, but this is the most common reason of all. Did you know, that Washington Post highlighted in a survey recently discovered, that nearly half of women aged 75 and older, happen to live alone. So just to avoid any kind of mishap which can happen with the precious elder citizens of the society, a new technology was developed to make sure that they remain safe even when they are living alone.

Automated Check-in Telephone CareIn recent news from the New York Times, it was found that "the corpse of a 69-year-old man living in Japan had been lying dead on his bedroom floor for 3 years, without anyone noticing his absence… And this kind of news is more commonplace than you think. After coming across many such matters, scientists thought up a way of creating an automated check-in telephone. There are a lot of benefits of this type of care as it is very cheap and less time-consuming. It offers peace to already busy caregivers, and through this technology, a lot of time can be saved because when caregivers and seniors will meet then they can talk about other important things rather than talking about ‘medication’. And in a survey, it was found that this technology had a great impact on elders living alone and as a result of this technology elders have shown better medication adherence which ultimately accounted for better health outcomes.

People may argue that the conventional home-line telephones are also doing the same but did you know, that a recent study by JAMA Internal medicine found out that around 50% of those Americans above 65 years of age are living alone. And only a few of their children call them once in a week. Not to be surprised, a common fact is that children have parted with their parents not only physically but also mentally, and elder citizens are unable to cope up with this mentally and this technology can bring a revolution in the life of the elder citizens living alone. As they will not get depressed if they will be having someone to talk with. In a related article on the subject, a Finnish study has found that alone people increase their risk of depression by up to 80% compared with people living in families. Suffice it to say the new technology will not only bring the revolution in the life of old people who are living along but this revolution will be widespread including all the members of the society.

“Automated check-in telephone care” care as its name suggests is an automatic service by which care calls are being made to seniors telephone or cell phone. And after getting a response from them the same is reported to the caregiver. The automated calls use interactive vocal responses and various pre-set dialogs based on the response of senior. This article basically will tell you about how elder people who are living alone find it difficult to remain mentally happy, and how this technology can help in improving the life of these old citizens by interacting with them on a daily basis and sending the report to their caregivers.

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