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How to keep the elderly busy

walkjoyDid you know that you can keep the elderly busy using some of the best technological innovations? In recent times a lot of technological innovations, which could help improve the lives of the elderly have sprung up. As humans age, mobility becomes a huge problem. It becomes a problem when the individual concerned is injured due to a freak accident. If the injury is serious enough, the elderly may end up having mobility issues.

The result is deepening their depression, especially if the situation seems helpless. Enter the recent innovation aptly named: “WalkJoy”, and suddenly the elderly now have a technology to help them to restore their gait and balance, especially those suffering from peripheral neuropathy. When attached to the knees, the devices send signals to the brain whenever their heels hit the ground. In the and, the elderly are able to move around despite their feet having lost all sensation. Simple chores such as getting a drink from the refrigerator no longer have to be handled by a caretaker. While it is good for the elderly to do some basic chores on their own, they need to be physically fit to succeed. For the elderly, knowing just how much exercise or physical activity is required is not easy. Factors that come into play include the individual's overall condition, physical abilities, and any medications.

RespondWell is another such product that has a Kinetic sensor that brings to light an individual's physical limitations as well. It also connects the elderly to a therapist who uses the information collected to come up with a tailor-made exercise plan. Using RespondWell, the elderly man or woman can go through the exercise plan and even check their progress. Being elderly is not just about health and fitness. The senior citizens need to be entertained too. LG TV has partnered with Independa to provide “Angela”, an interface that creates a higher contrast and larger fonts for the elderly. There is no easier way for the elderly to view family photos, play games, read email, connect with family and friends via video chart, receive medical reminders, and schedule daily activities.

Apart from the LG TV, the elderly can access these services on a laptop too. But the internet is not all about entertainment. This is a skill that's essential for the survival of all, including the elderly. In this age when most of the things are available for sale online, there is no longer need to step into a mortar and brick store. Orders, as well as payments, can be done online in a safe and secure way. Knowing how to use the internet can actually open up a whole new world to the elderly. You also need to ensure that the elderly in your family learn how to use a computer and connect to the internet.

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